How to Use Brown Beans to Make Thick Soup

One thing you must know is that when you are cooking brown beans, the longer they are allowed to stay on the heat, the softer they will end up becoming. Once they are soft enough, you can use this to your advantage to thicken a liquid to soup consistency. Take some time to check out soup maker reviews for the perfect solutions to your soup questions. If you don’t really want to keep cooking the beans, but the liquid isn’t as thick as you’d like for it to be, you can add a simple kitchen staple to fix the problem.

First of all, place the bottom of your spoon against three/four of the soften cooked brown beans while they are still in the pot on the heat. Mash them against the side of the pot. Then, stir the mashed beans into the rest of your mixture to thicken the liquid. Repeat this step several times to reach the consistency you’re wanting.

On the other hand, you can take 2 tablespoons of cold water and place it into a small container and add 1 tablespoon cornstarch. Stir together until smooth. Dip a ladle of bean juice out of your pot and pour it into a bowl. Measure out 2 tablespoons of the juice and pour it into the cornstarch/water mixture. Stir well.

Then, gradually add this cornstarch/bean mixture back to the pot of soup slowly, making sure that you are constantly stirring until you notice that you have reached the thickness that you desire.

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Keep in mind that if you have concerns about making alterations to the flavoring of the soup by using cornstarch, you can leave this out and simply use the mashing method- though this will be much more time consuming. Always be careful when you transfer the hot bean juice so that you avoid getting burned.

There are lots of ways that you can use to thicken up your soup and get it to the hearty consistency you love so much. In fact, check out soup maker reviews to learn more.